Exquisite Fucking Time

I’ve made a lot of friends in this business and I’ve had a lot fun with a gaggle of sexy amateur pornstars but it all started with Real Colorado Girl Thena Sky – the first model I loaded onto my first amateur site and a good enough friend that she still comes back once in a while for an encore appearance. And every time she comes back, we have a ideal fucking time – even if we are  getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.  View the free sample video or download the full 1080p video.

Great Fucking Time

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Will You Let Me Film You Tonight?

Apparently tall you need to make a selfie movie with Real Colorado Girl Violet Little is to ask. I’m back, this time with the amazingly sexy young MILF Violet Little in a self shot hardcore movie we made in front of the fire. The great thing about making a movie with this naughty little MILF is that the sex is real – and Violet likes it real – real deep, real hard, real fast and above all, real orgasms. View the free gallery or download the full 1080p video.

Will You Let Me Film You Tonight?

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Lilianna West Covered In Sperm

Lilianna West is another cute local teen that can’t be found anywhere but on my sites – in her most recent Glass Mannequin scene, this substantial-breasted teenager does her best to fuck the old man to death but in the end, I slam my fat schlong balls deep as her whopping naturals slap back and forth then with one last balls-deep thrust, I pull out and blow my load all over her ivory smooth skin. You can watch the free trailer or download the full 1080p video – your choice ;)

Lilianna West Covered In Cum

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Make Her Semen Then Semen In Her Cunt

There aren’t many coeds that I’ve done more scenes with than Violet Little and when you watch one of our scenes, you can tell that this tine brunette with the massive natural fun bags and sweet shaved cunt loved my erection. Violet makes more than one appearance on Oh God I’m Cumming and now with two previously unpublished HD galleries on Papa’s Free Porn, you can get a real good idea how fun this pint-sized fuck machine is to watch. Here are a few images for the two galleries from our scene – click on them to see the free scene sample or join Real Colorado Girls to start downloading immediately.

Make Her Cum Then Cum In Her Cunt

In the first free smut gallery, you get a ample of Violet having one of her trademark orgasms – and in the second one, I get to cream balls deep in the short young mom’s pulsating cunt – creampie style. Anyway, enjoy the galleries or join Real Colorado Girls to start downloading immediately.

http://freeamateurporn.papasfreeporn.com/violet-little-cums-hard/ and http://freeamateurporn.papasfreeporn.com/cream-in-my-cunt/

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Veronica Wild First Anal

Since doing her first smut with me on Bring Me Your Sister, Veronica Wild has become a good friend and an unblemished sex partner. One day we were chatting about potential videos when she showed interest in doing her first anal on camera – the rest is history….  and we even documented it in HD here’s a free sample to prove it :)

Veronica had obviously been planning on anal because she had shown up with ass already lubed and stuffed with her little glass ass-plug – Veronica was ready and who am I to deny her her wish for a little ass-play?

I just posted a free sample gallery of me stuffing my fat dick balls-deep in Veronica’s warm mouth, wet cooch and tight little asshole as I fondled her great immense natural boobs…….  enjoy.

Veronica Wild's First Anal Scene

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Three Hot Girls For The Old Man

When I asked a few of the coeds if they wanted a night out with the old bastard Thena Sky, Alison Rapture and Alison’s girlfriend, Abigail Blower all jumped at the chance. After dinner and the club, we ended up back at my place and we got right down to the fun stuff. We had all been teasing and having fun all night so we were ready. Everyone that’s followed us on Glass Mannequin knows that Thena has been a regular for years and she’s one of my best friends in the world – she’s also one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. Alison always has a amazing attitude and a happy smile and probably the sexiest snatch in Colorado and she brought her girlfriend Abigail with – who not only loves snatch – this teen can suck a pecker. You can see all the fun or check out the free samples.

Three Hot Girls For The Old Man

View and/or download all 194 HD pictures and video.

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Sweet Teen Cooder

I’ve worked with a lot of wonderful since starting my porno career but a few special ones always stand out above the crowd – and Delilah Daze is one of these coeds. Not only is Delilah super cute with a unmarred round ass and pointy teenager tits, this small 19 year old has one sweet teenager beaver…..  she also has the right amount of shyness and is cute enough to to really turn me on. Add in that she’s truly a wonderful person with a bubbly personality and a darling smile – a smile that looks best when it’s stuffed with a hard cock. But I wander – I just posted a free sample picture gallery in addition to the 271 HQ pics in the members area – enjoy.

Sweet Teen Pussy

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Colorado Sex Adventure With Roxy Rox

Roxy Rox is another unequaled model that’s I’ve had the chance to do outdoor smut sets with for Real Colorado Girls and in addition to being a very sexy teenager, she’s also a trooper. Any model that’s ever done one of these outings knows that there’s a lot of work involved that never quite makes it into the finished video clip – like the 5-hour drive to the location, the long hike to the location and then there’s always a sharp rock or two jabbing you in the butt but Roxy never complained.  I posted a free smut gallery of this set on Papa’s Free smut so I won’t post all the images here – just click on the picture below to see the free trailer. Enjoy :)

Colorado Sex Adventure with Roxy Rox

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Tastes Like Strawberries

Jonni Hennessy and had just made some unblemished strawberry crepes and now I was enjoying the sweet taste of her pink teenager coochy when I realized, not only does her teenager coochy look like a plump, ripe strawberry, it’s tastes like one too…..   This wasn’t the first time I’d fucked the hard-bodied sandy haired but it was the first time I had her spread out on the kitchen table sampling her strawberry coochy with the camera just inches away. Download the full 1080p video or view the free trailer.

Tastes Like Strawberries

The 36 minute old-and-young video clip starts with Jonni and I making strawberry crepes and ends with this sexy dwarf teenager sucking all the cream from my monster cock with plenty of excellent oral sex and balls-deep fucking in between.

Tastes Like Strawberries

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First Time On Camera

I know it’s been a while since I posted but I’ve been real busy getting all the sites setup for HD and I almost forgot how undamaged the new content we’ve been getting is since having a regular crew. Almost forgot until I was wanking to some of the new HD content and realized that with their help, we were catching more of those moments in smut that can never be repeated than ever before. And the one I was wanking to was Lilliana West’s smut audition. Lilliana says she’s always wanted to do smut but without her brother conning her into it, she may never have gotten up the nerve to fuck on camera.

porn audition

Lilliana West First smut Ever

It’s exactly these curious but shy teens that we love to work with. Make them comfortable and their smut audition won’t only be fun, they might actually have some exquisite sex on camera – and most of our teens do – check it out for yourself on the free trailers – and pay attention to all the new teens we have that have never done smut for anyone but us – join from here and get access to all three of our sites for our single subscription price.

Like the first time a beautiful young lady takes a good-sized pecker for the first time – and on camera too! That’s exactly what we got on this Bring Me Your Sister shoot featuring the super sexy 19-year-old Lilliana West. It was her first time on camera, first time with another chick,  and the first time fucking with her brother just inches from her sweet coed pussy. Watch the expression on her face, and you can tell she’s very excited but also a little nervous that her brother is standing over her filming her take her first good-sized pecker ever.

It was also the first time that Lilliana had ever had a bisexual experience and it was a surprise too boot. Seems one of our camera teens, Violet Little decides she wanted to taste Lilliana’s sweet coochie so I give her a slight nudge and pretty soon hot chick with the good-sized tits was moaning in pleasure as she got her coochie licked in front of her brother – so many first in one day shouldn’t be allowed – only on Bring Me Your Sister.

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